Has A Hacker Really Hacked My Email Account?

I’m going to pick a random email address out of thin air and run it against our Hack Searcher. ‘Fred31@gmail.com’. Fred, on the unlikely chance you’re reading this email, apologies for using you. Our records show Fred has been compromised on no less than 9 times since 2013. Fred, you seem to be quite an online social networker, bit of an online dater and likes a little online gaming. Sorry, but you’re email has been included in major organisational data breaches and hacks. You’re first hack was from a data hack in 2013 on Tumblr. The data is in the dark net so you wouldn’t know this. You’re latest hack was April(25th) 2017 in fashonfantacygame.com.

Now, that took me a whole 3 seconds to find out. Fred, I can hear you asking how we know all this and why should you believe me. Because were good at what we do, very good. What do we do? We’re trying to keep you safe, Fred. We do this by deploying some pretty advanced web crawlers into the web and darknet to detect things like this. We don’t collect the information, we simply report on it. You my friend, better change you’re passwords! And don’t use the same password for different accounts this time mate. 

To make you feel a little better Fred, we’ll let you in on a secret. If you or anyone has been using the internet just like the average Joe over a few years, chances are you will be in a big list of hacked emails. You’re password may not actually have been ‘cracked’ by these breaches as most password databases are pretty securely encrypted. However, there are a lot of average Joe’s who use the same password across multiple accounts. I’d bet you my own Granny these hackers know this and see the value in decrypting these passwords. I hope you’re PayPal account password is different to you’re password in modbsolutions, fling.com, mate1.com, Myspace and Tumblr!!

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