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This web page is last updated at 2019-9-22 around 01:51                                                                               by Priscilla Felicia Harmanus, 1993 from the Netherlands

This speech is about the process towards freedom & how I do my computing(1993)¹, the
🎥Free Software movement² and Monitoring Bob's(1970) Autistic hobby³.

Bob(1970) is switching between multiple operating systems

efore continuing to study this site, there are certain things that are useful to know


- By Priscilla Felicia Harmanus,                                                    1993 from the Netherlands

With the Wayback Machine you could search the history of
over 377 billion web pages on the internet. &

    License:   Proprietary ¹
    Version:   12.8.3 

Probeer GNU/Linux

Het GNU Besturingssysteem


2015-10-18.txt ³

Dear Bob, ³

Thank you for downloading Xeoma Video Surveillance Software from the Ubuntu Software Center. Spy on your co-users, use stealth mode! Full freedom of choice. [archived/2012-10-21] [archived/2015-10-6]

³Due to security concerns, the person's name will be referred to as Bob during the study. Bob is a person with high-technical skills. Read more about Bob. Also the person's username@email will be referred to as ''pob.bob@''. POB = Place Of Birth.

Freespeech » What You Should Know 

This web page is last updated at 2019-9-13 around 19:10                                                                               by Priscilla Felicia Harmanus, 1993 from the Netherlands




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