Interview Questions

Where are you from?
I'm from Holland. The Netherlands

How old are you?
I am 25 years old.

Are you a guy?
No, I'm not a guy. I am a girl.

Do you use linux? Gnu / Linux?
No, I am not using Linux at the moment. Read more

When was it the first time you heard about Linux?
The first time I heard about linux was in 2016 because my neighbor was running ubuntu linux besides microsoft windows xp professional. And because all people nowadays use windows and mac and not linux, linux was not mentioned.

Did you ask him why he uses linux? If so, what is his answer?
Yes, I asked him why he made the switch to Linux. Ubuntu/Linux to be precise. His answer to that why he made the switch is because it annoys him that when windows is updating, he cannot see what it is updating.
See this video also. 

- Free software is a matter of liberty,
  not price. To understand the concept,  you should think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer.

 —Richard Stallman[3]

The advantage of linux is that it is free of cost (think of free beer) while for windows you have to pay. When buying a computer in a store, a windows license is required.

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- "While this statement is true, it leads to false conclusion and I was not satisfied with his answer as to why he made the switch to Linux. It only caused more questions in me to arise."
Read more

When did your neighbor made the switch to ubuntu / linux?
My neighbor switched to ubuntu / linux in the year of 2008

On Wednesday January 30, 2008 an order was placed at with a total amount of 1,356.00 euros. He orders a laptop on which an operating system is not installed, which means that he assembles the components himself. Read more

- On Saturday, May 17, 2008 he joined the ''Ubuntu Release Party'' that was organized in the Netherlands

Ubuntu carpolen
He contacted strangers via email who had a car and also went to the ubuntu release party. So he asked via email to the person if it was possible to could join with the ride witch they agreed and later met each other in one place.

I am coming to ubuntu
- Dear, I'm leaving soon.
  I am wearing light gray pants with a red sweater. Furthermore with a backpack and a laptop.


Network discovery process @

Working with computers to try out and test is something challenging to do and could also be fun too. But linux is like building with lego. As this article also states that when you make the switch from windows to linux, you switch from a car to a motor vehicle. It is not obvious for the people who make the switch to a different operating system unless you already know what you want your computer to do. Before you decide to switch to linux you need to know that you want your computer to do.  It doesn't just come to you naturally and it won't work the way you want. It costs a number of steps. And going through that number of steps from a basic level and ten years are passing by and having certain knowledge to do certain things makes him belong to the category advanced user level.

When someone decides to order a laptop from a web shop without an operating system installed, it tells something.

First, the year tells me that it is 2008 that we cannot ignore time, year and circumstances for decision making.
Secondly, when it comes to security news in which he participates for example Ubuntu Google News - Hardware forum and the list goes on. Read more.

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Dual Boot

Operating system
Ubuntu + windows xp professional [source] + windows NT [source]
Ubuntu + windows 7 vista [source
Ubuntu + windows xp professional [source]
Ubuntu + windows 8 [source]
Ubuntu + linux mint
linux mint + windows xp [source]

The person who have the highest amount of knowledge in the field of computer and technology. How a system is working. How processes are working. How my new technologies are working.Client side and server side process. Hacking Gaining someine's data with or without their authorisation. Legally or illegally Types of Hackers White Hat Hacker

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